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PQ2620 high frequency transformer

PQ2620 high frequency transformer

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Advantages of high frequency transformer factory transformers:
(1) Current distribution A typical high-frequency transformer secondary winding has several parallel coils. Each secondary winding is coupled to the same primary winding. Therefore, the number of ampere turns generated by the secondary winding current is equal to the number of ampere turns generated by the primary winding (ignoring the excitation current). This feature is especially useful for parallel rectifier circuits. The winding currents are equally distributed, and no shunt resistors or other components are required in the parallel rectification circuit.
(2) Very high current density high frequency transformers have excellent temperature rise characteristics. Because of these characteristics, it achieves high current densities in a small package.
(3) High efficiency adjustment of leakage inductance, which enables it to have fast switching time and low crossover loss, which enables it to achieve high efficiency. The turn-to-turn conduction loss between the secondary winding of the transformer and the primary winding is small.
(4) High power density Because the high-frequency transformer component has a small size, it has excellent temperature dissipation characteristics, so it can be tightly packaged with related semiconductor devices and inductors to achieve high power density. Its current density is 30A/module.
(5) Low-cost The entire high-frequency transformer is composed of a small number of related inexpensive components, and the assembly is convenient, so the cost of the transformer is very low. (6) Savings and the cost of the components connected to it are small due to its leakage inductance. The switching loss is very low and the stress applied to the components connected to it is reduced. Therefore, the components connected to it can use lower cost, low power rating components.
(7) Excellent heat dissipation characteristics The high frequency transformer is a small component having a high surface area to volume ratio and a short heat passage. Conducive to heat dissipation. The interturn loss between the primary and secondary windings is small. This core's unique geometry effectively reduces core losses. So it can achieve high magnetic flux density. It can work between -40 ° C and 130 ° C.
(8) A good coupling between the low leakage inductor winding and the winding can keep the leakage inductance between the turns of the winding at a small value. The connection from the output to the auxiliary part is short and tightly assembled, so the leakage inductance of the windings between the windings is also small.
(9) Excellent high frequency characteristics Prior to this, when the transformer was operated at high frequencies, the switching loss was increased and the transformer was overheated. The emergence of flat panel transformers has solved these problems. The flat-panel transformer can be designed as a high-frequency transformer to provide a transformer module that is both economical and good. It can work between 100kHz and 500kHz.
(10) Simple structure The high-frequency transformer is composed of a small number of components and a small number of windings. This module is particularly suitable for use in automated assembly.
(11) Low profile The magnetic core used in the flat panel transformer is small and can be arranged on the surface of the flat plate. Each core unit has a shape ranging from 8mm to 25mm.
(12) Insulation strength High-frequency transformers are easily insulated according to the required number of insulation layers and thickness. It can be dielectrically insulated according to the customer's requirements for leakage distance. The withstand voltage between the primary and secondary windings is greater than 40,000V.


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