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EI4835 pin low frequency transformer

EI4835 pin low frequency transformer

Product Details

The low-frequency transformer is used to transmit signal voltage and signal power, and also achieve impedance matching between circuits, which has isolation effect on direct current. It is divided into inter-stage coupling transformer, input transformer and output transformer integrated inductor, Rao line inductance, and the shape is similar to the power transformer. 

1. The inter-electrode coupling transformer interstage coupling transformer is used in a two-stage integrated inductor, a line inductance, an inductor manufacturer, a Shenzhen inductor, and an electronic news frequency amplifying circuit. As a coupling element, the output signal of the preamplifier circuit is transmitted to the rear. Level one and make the appropriate impedance transformation. 

2. Input Transformer In the early semiconductor radio, audio integrated inductor, Rao line inductor, inductor manufacturer, Shenzhen inductor, electronic news push stage and power amplifier stage transformer used as input transformer, signal coupling, transmission, also known as To push the transformer. The input transformer has a single-ended input and a push-pull input. If the push circuit is a single-ended circuit, the input transformer is also a single-ended input transformer; if the push circuit is a push-pull circuit, the input transformer is also a push-pull input transformer. 

3. Output Transformer The output transformer is connected between the output circuit of the power amplifier and the speaker, mainly for signal transmission and impedance matching.

Output power (VA) model Dimensions (L*H*W) Insulation grade
EI-28 28*27*35 B
1.2-3.0VA EI-35 35*30*35 B
3.0-10VA EI-41 41*35*48 B
10-20VA EI-48 48*40*35 B
20-50VA EI-57 57*50*65 B
50-80VA EI-66 66*57*80 B
80-100VA EI-76 76*65*85 B
100-150VA EI-86 86*72*88 B
120-220VA EI-96 96*82*100 B
220-400VA EI-114 114*97*130 B
400-600VA EI-133 133*112*140 B

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